The Mind-Body Connection

We often see and hear these words: ‘The Mind-Body Connection”. But do we actually implement this relationship into our daily lifestyle regimes? Reading wonderful books, downloading and listening to great apps, watching or listening to pod casts, and attending classes are all amazing actions we can take and should be incorporating in our lives. Yes these are all great ways to promote mind-body healing!

But we also need to do more than that. We must make the connection with our minds and body as if we were taking medicine that a doctor prescribed. Yes, I said it, mind- body connection is just as impactful to our physical, mental and overall well being as taking actual medicine.

The mind is so overwhelmingly powerful, yet most of us do not take the time to nurture, protect and engage it with our body and spirit each and every day.

We feel healthy, strong and invincible. We think we can work crazy hours and endure personal life stress as long as we take a class, do a meditation, and eat healthy food. Often we do get away with not nurturing our whole selves for months and perhaps even years. Trust me, it’s only a matter of time until our bodies can endure neglect before something goes wrong.

I wish that weren’t true, but for so many of us, it is a reality that we must then face. We need to thank our bodies each and everything day, we need to truly nurture our minds and our souls, and listen to our bodies speaking to us. It doesn’t matter how young or old we are, this holds true for all of us. We can all learn to practice our mind-body connection. This takes learning and practice, and is what we hope to explore with you further in this section. And yes, the cells and organs in our bodies can hear us!

By opening a line of communication between our conscious mind and our cells and organs, for example, we nourish a relationship within us that enables our bodies to respond accordingly to how we wish to heal. This is one of the aspects of Mind-Body healing we strive to expand upon here with you in hopes of broadening our collective healing journey.

This is a journey you will learn to embrace and a way to live the healthiest, happiness life possible.